Eye Safety in the Workplace

June 22nd, 2012

If you use safety glasses, remember to take care of them so they can protect you when you need to be protected most. Here are a few tips:
1.Make sure your glasses fit. If they don’t fit properly, you might be tempted not to wear them. If your safety glasses slip, seem crooked, or are too tight, take a few minutes and have them adjusted properly.
2.Keep your glasses clean. Dirty glasses lessen visibility. Wash them regularly with mild soap and water or eyeglass cleaner, then polish with a soft cloth or a tissue. Anti-dust and anti-fog sprays work well on both glass and plastic lenses.
3.Keep your glasses in a case when you are not using them. Pits, scratches, or other damage can result if you stick your glasses in a pocket or toss them in a tool box. Damage to lenses can lessen impact-resistance and, thus, provide less than full protection. Also, don’t hang your goggles by the elastic band. This can stretch the band so it does not fit properly.

Once again, remember, you are on your last pair of eyes. OSHA and company rules demand the use of eye protection on certain jobs. Different jobs and locations require different kinds of eye protection. You all have been told what kind of eye protection you should wear, when you should wear it, and where you should wear it.
In the end, all the company does to protect your eyes will not be effective unless you cooperate. You are the only person who can make sure you wear the proper eye protection at the necessary and required times.
However, you should never neglect eye protection just because a specific job does not demand it. This is where you must use common sense and exercise good safety practices to provide yourself with that extra margin of safety for your eyes.
If there is ever any doubt in your mind about the eye protection needed on any job or in any location, consult your supervisor. Don’t guess and possibly spend the rest of your life with the ultimate consequence of blindness.

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