Turning Your Problems into Goals

July 5th, 2012

Just recently I read an article by Jeffrey Baumgartner about how to take your problems and make them into goals. It is such an interesting concept to consider, looking at your problems at work, home, relationships and turn them into attainable goals. In the business world today you hear a lot about action plans and ways to become more efficient while using the same amount of headcount or by interfacing the latest and the greatest technology. This is the same concept, taking your issue and seeing how to improve on it or become better. The key is how you are looking at what you have been faced with. Taking a more head on approach with the intent of making it better or resolving the issue is truly the best approach to ensuring you are exceeding whether it be business or personal. By turning issues into goals you are engaging your ability to be creative, creativity brings new ideas and in turn you may end up happier with the results than you thought. An example of putting this idea into action in the business world would be something like this; Business is down over the numbers for last year? Your goal would be to increase your sales. Yes this really is common sense, but the key is where you are placing your focus. You focus should be on the goal not the problem. Focusing on the problem of “business is down over last year” is not creating ways to bring sales up. But by putting your energy and strategy to bringing sales up you have proactively turned your problem into a goal. Positivity takes you much further than any negative approach. It is all about where you focus your energy and with what kind of energy you put into it will determine your success.

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