Office Ergonomics – Your how-to guide

July 13th, 2012

Give your work space a make-over!!! Here are a few tips that can help your work space feel more comfortable and avoid ergonomic injuries.
1.Headsets- If you are on the phone a lot during the day use a head set. This will prevent you from mindlessly cradling your phone between your head and your shoulder while typing or writing.
2.Wrist positioning- When typing keep your wrists in a straight natural position. Also use a wrist cushion.
3.Good Posture- Center your body in from of your monitor and keyboard. Sit up straight, keeping thighs horizontal with your knees and the same level as your hips.
4.Your Chair- Adjust height of chair so that your feet rest comfortable on floor. Knees level with Hips
5.Monitor Height- Your monitor should be positioned 18- 28 inches away. Top of Monitor should be slightly below eye level.
For More information on proper office ergonomics go to Office ergonomics- how to guide.

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