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August 31st, 2012

What does your resume say about you? Well of course it gives a list of your work history, education, and career skills that you’ve acquired through the course of your career. But what does that tell a potential employer about you? Does it reflect the candidate that you really are? Does your cover letter give the potential interviewer an idea about the kind of interview they are going to have once they bring you in? If it doesn’t it should. You want it to stand out among the other resumes that are being submitted but you want it to stand out for the right reasons. Here are a few key tips that you want to keep in mind when putting your own personal flare into your resume.
The average employer may spend approximately 30 seconds reviewing each resume initially to narrow down candidates. So how do you get selected to be pulled in to the next level of review? First you have to make sure your resume is organized well and the key specifics of the position you are applying for are easily visible to be seen in the initial scan of your resume. Ask yourself…AM I TRULY QUALIFIED FOR THIS POSITION? Do I meet the required specifications of this job? If you cannot answer those questions there is a pretty good chance you may not be the right candidate for this job. While your resume may make perfect sense to you it is good to get a professional prospective on it. Also go over your resume and check for errors or mispellings. Keep it up to date at all times, even if you are not currently seeking a position. As you gain new skills or trainings you want to make sure you are keeping those things updated, you never know when your next opportunity may fall in your lap!
McKenzie Lee- Operations Manager / Doubletree Personnel

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