Preventing Cuts, Punctures, and Lacerations

November 9th, 2012

Cuts, lacerations and punctures are a common injury in the workplace. However many of these injuries may be prevented by the use of personal protective equipment.  Each year millions of workers suffer workplace injuries that could have been prevented. Although statistical data from study to study differs from study to study, cuts and lacerations often rank as second or third most frequent workplace injury.

The key to preventing these injuries is keeping body parts away from hazards. Employers should establish work procedures to identify and control exposure to hazards.

  • Training employees to use established safety procedures.
  • Maintaining proper machine guarding
  • Using lockout/tag out procedures;
  • Wearing personal protective equipment;
  • Safe tool use;
  • Good housekeeping

One of the most common sources of cuts and lacerations is the use of knives and other cutting tools. With thorough analysis and planning, you can develop a prevention plan to help eliminate these types of injuries from your workplace.

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