Company Unity…How Can You Accomplish This?

February 1st, 2013

Company unity is very important for a work environment.  Every company has different personalities, different skills and talents, etc.  Ideally, the employees should work together to build a stronger company, but sometimes that is not always the case.  So how would a company move towards unifying  the environment?  I read in a recent article about how “collective leadership” is starting to develop in companies, instead of “command-and-control leadership.”  By moving toward this type of leadership the company/group moves toward a positive work environment with the development of leadership, accountability, relationships, etc.  They mention five key ways to develop this type of environment and they are:

  1. Sharing the responsibility and accountability in the company/department/group.
  2. Align strategic direction to talent.
  3. Provide different opportunities for the employees to develop their skills.
  4. Create “win-win” agreements.
  5. Adopt a style that supports all employees.

By implementing these strategies, the work environment will start to move towards empowering team members to develop their talents and skills. Thus, leading to a more unified and stronger company.

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