Employee Success Stories

A career that I enjoy and treasure

My time with Doubletree Personnel, Inc. was a very memorable experience.  I began with Doubletree because it was highly recommended. I am so glad that I did, due to the fact that I was given the chance to work some pretty amazing part time jobs. I have met a lot of wonderful people and learned a lot along the way. During the two years I worked for Doubletree, I was kept busy and became interested in full time work.  That opportunity landed me where I am today.  In my opinion, I feel it is a success and a reward.  Doubletree Personnel provided me the foot in the door to a career that I enjoy and treasure.  Thank you.

Michelle Singleton, Town of Pikesville, Town Clerk


Exceptional service

I often speak with people who are looking for employment, full time and part time.  I always recommend Doubletree. The efficient personnel at Doubletree assisted me in finding a full time, permanent position with a good company and a job I enjoy. I appreciate the exceptional service that Doubletree has provided for me and my family in this difficult economy.

Rene, Goldsboro, NC


Great company

For years I was a stay-at-home mom raising a family of five children. As my children got older my husband and I decided that I should go back to work to help us out financially. I visited several temporary agencies, Doubletree Personnel being one of them, and filled out the necessary paperwork for each. Doubletree came through for me in a short time. They called and said they had a temporary job with a local tutoring company that needed help in the office. I was scheduled for the interview and got the job. I started with the company the following Monday. The job was only supposed to be temporary to get them through the busy season, but ended up going full time once my contractual obligation with Doubletree Personnel was over. I was with the tutoring company for 1 ½ years when I decided to return home once again. I was at home for 1 ½ years when my former boss from the tutoring company called and asked if I would come back to work for them. I agreed to go back and have been there since November of 2011.

I would recommend Doubletree Personnel to anyone who is seeking employment.  They are a great company to work with and the people are friendly and helpful.

Monica B.


Love to come to work

Doubletree Personnel placed me in a job that became a permanent position and I am thankful to them for finding me a job that I love to come to everyday!

Mary Beth Roberti


Care about their people like no other

My times with Doubletree are very special because they were there when I really needed them; they helped me through some tough times in my life by giving me a job. I was able to do great things. I recommend Doubletree over all the other temp agencies. Why? Because they care about their people like no other. Please believe me when I tell you this–what I tell you is true and from the heart.

John Williams, 2012

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